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Ceres Choice Media provides services that include mindfulness meditation workshops and retreats, 1:1 mentoring, public speaking for your workplace or group and books. 

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Mindfulness meditation courses, consultations & retreats. 

Improve your wellbeing with mindfulness meditation classes and concepts that are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily life. You’ll learn proven strategies that reduce stress and anxiety, improve your health and bring you peace and calm. We’ll teach you how you can practise mindfulness meditation anytime, anywhere. Enrol now to improve your physical and mental health in every way.

There are many ways that mindfulness meditation can benefit your health. To experience the full benefits of meditation you’ll need to practise regularly. However, studies have shown that meditation can reduce the symptoms of anxiety by up to 60% and the likelihood of a depression relapse by 12%. Meditation can also help you get a better night’s sleep, by reducing the symptoms of insomnia by 75%.


Mindfulness meditation can help increase your productivity and attention span. It has also been found to reduce the symptoms of conditions like PTSD, coronary disease, PMS and back pain.