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Let's talk about intimacy

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
19/08/2021 17:00 PM
This is not one of my usual blogs, but I have been thinking about the topic of intimacy for a long time. I believe that true intimacy involves mindfulness and being present and still in someone...

How mindfulness meditation helps you forgive

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
09/05/2021 21:46 PM
When I was travelling through Italy, I had a few encounters with people that I hadn’t experienced before. In the past, I had worked with difficult people and been mistreated at work, bullied even....

It’s ok to be angry

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
09/04/2021 16:09 PM
How mindfulness can help you manage your anger and not hurt the ones you love   In an earlier post, I wrote about our emotions, including anger. As described by Karla McLaren in her book The...

How I dealt with the most challenging situation in my life

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
03/03/2021 14:10 PM
I have been very lucky in my life in that I didn’t experience any life-threatening situations or major loss at a young age. The deaths I have experienced were of people who died in their old age. I ha...

The Secret Language of Our Emotions

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
18/02/2021 16:15 PM
How would you feel if you were aware of your emotions and reasons for their existence all of the time? What if this knowledge could lead to building healthy and strong relationships whilst...

Healing Trauma with Mindfulness.

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
04/02/2021 20:00 PM
There is no timestamp on trauma. There isn’t a formula that you can insert yourself into to get from horror to healed. Be patient. Take up space. Let your journey be the balm. Dawn Serra...

Three key steps to mindfulness meditation and a mindful way of life

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
17/12/2020 22:00 PM
This is my last blog entry for 2020, so I thought I would keep it short and sweet and provide some simple tips to not only enhance your meditation but give you something to think about as you start to...

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
01/10/2020 17:30 PM
Mindfulness meditation, or living mindfully, is the simple act of awareness. It’s an evidence-based practice and science has proven that mindfulness meditation reduces stress, anxiety and improves...

During a dark night in the country side of Rovaniemi, something happened.

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
12/09/2020 15:00 PM
It was a pitch black night in the countryside of Rovaniemi, Finland. I was on my way to see the Northern Lights. when the attack happened. It would have been midnight by this stage, but I couldn’t...

Simple Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to Help You During Lockdown

Posted By Sonia Rosa,
02/08/2020 16:50 PM
  How can something like mindfulness meditation possibly help you during these difficult, unprecedented times? If you live in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire in Victoria then you are in ...