Ceres Choice Meditation

What I offer 

Hi, I’m Sonia, the director of Ceres Choice Media. I’m a mindfulness meditation teacher, life coach, personal development facilitator and author. I teach mindfulness meditation to people based in Melbourne who want to improve their physical and mental health.

About my classes

My mindfulness meditation classes are purposely designed to be simple and easy to follow. You don’t have to meditate sitting cross-legged for hours on end (unless you want to). Instead, you’ll learn techniques you can use anywhere, anytime – in class and outside class in your daily life. The meditation I teach is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and worry. Your mind will be clearer and you’ll be better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs. 

My meditation and mindfulness story

I’m passionate about teaching mindfulness meditation because it’s had such a positive impact on my own life. As a person suffering from anxiety and depression, I read all the self-help books and went to classes teaching everything under the sun. It was only when I discovered mindfulness meditation that I was able to overcome my anxiety and depression. My regular practise, and the techniques I’ve learnt, mean that I can now deal with the day to day stresses of life in a calm and balanced way.

I want to share the positive impact mindfulness meditation has had on my life and help others gain the same benefits

Why my classes are unique. 

  • You’ll finish my course with a clear plan for a meditation practice that’s simple to incorporate into your daily life
  • You’ll learn how to work with your thoughts and emotions instead of blocking them
  • You don’t need to worry about stopping your thoughts
  • You don’t need to sit motionless in an uncomfortable position for hours a day
  • You’ll learn a variety of methods to use mindfulness in your everyday life
  • My instructions are clear, concise and jargon-free
  • I offer one-on-one workshops if group work doesn’t suit you
  • I’m a mindfulness meditation specialist with over 20 years experience in meditation and ten years in mindfulness meditation
  • I’m not associated with any religious or spiritual groups
  • I want to provide the best possible service and welcome questions, comments, criticism and feedback 

My qualifications

Twenty years experience practising meditation and ten years practising mindfulness, coupled with twenty years experience as a welfare worker, has given me invaluable insights into the importance of looking after our mental health. As a strong supporter of social justice and equality, I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to live their best life. I’m a member of the Meditation Association of Australia and have completed the meditation teacher training course with the Melbourne Meditation Centre. I have a Diploma in Community Services (Welfare Studies) and a Graduate Certificate in Family Therapy.

I’m a published author and my debut novel Where’s the Dessert? tells my story of overcoming anxiety and depression through mindfulness meditation, then embarking on a journey to explore my passion for food and cooking in Italy.


I’d love to hear from you, so please get in contact.